Nutrition Recovery Services

Nutrition Recovery Coach

No matter if your goal is to manage a chronic disease, increase muscle, lose weight or learn how to cook for your family, our nutrition recovery coach is here to help. There is no referral needed to meet with our coach to discuss eating, meal planning or shopping. By following a balanced nutrition plan, we are able to increase our chances of longevity with sobriety as well as our physical health. There are many ways that drug and alcohol use can harm the body such as:

  • Gastrointestinal disturbance
  • High blood pressure
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Damage to organs
  • Cognitive impairment

By having a structured nutrition plan we will be able to:

  • Increase our physical health
  • Have more energy
  • Improve our immune system
  • Improve our brain health
  • Enhance our mood
  • Be more confident in ourselves

Ask your provider to meet with the nutrition recovery coach to take that next step to improving your health.

Nutrition Competency Checklist

During your stay in our transitional housing, you will meet with our nutrition recovery coach and build skills in the kitchen. You will create a foundation of nutrition knowledge when you are in our inpatient program, but now it is time to prepare yourself for the outside world. Some of the skills assessments our nutrition recovery coach completes is:

  • Proper knife skills
  • Sanitation
  • How to shop on a budget
  • How to safely cook meats
  • Food preparation methods
  • Cooking a variety of meals
  • Balancing your plate
  • Meal prepping

This competency checklist is individualized. If there is a skill you want to learn or enhance, speak to your nutrition recovery coach so you can feel confident in the kitchen but also out to eat.

Food For Thought

There is a high importance of balancing your plate to help reduce the risk of a variety of chronic diseases, however, there are many reasons to eat healthy for recovery. During your stay in our inpatient facility, you will meet with the dietitian in a group called “Food for Thought”. During this group, our nutrition recovery coach highlights a variety of topics that are backed by research to aid in recovery. Some of the topics discuss:

  • Gut health and addiction
  • How to shop on a budget
  • How to balance your plate
  • Food and mental health
  • Sugar, Salt and Fat
  • Caffeine

If we are able to balance our plate and get access to high quality and affordable foods, we will be able to not only increase our health but also potentially reduce cravings, improve our brain health and become more in tune with our physical response to stress.

Personal Assessments

Upon admission in our inpatient treatment facility, our nutrition recovery coach will complete a nutrition assessment. This assessment reviews current eating patterns, food security, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and confidence in meal planning and cooking. You will be asked a variety of questions so our nutrition recovery coach can provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to follow during your treatment. Our nutrition recovery coach will also provide education on any nutrition concern you need further knowledge on.