Medical Detox

Crossing Recovery Center’s Medical Detox program provides medications to ease withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision.

The Medical Detox program provides patients with a safe and more comfortable withdrawal experience by monitoring and stabilizing risks, medical conditions and complications. Detox begins with an assessment of your dependence and an in-depth physical examination that accurately measures the extent of your addition.

The Detoxification Unit at Crossing Recovery Center can treat up to eight patients at one time. While in medical detox, you will have your own room with a TV and window. You will receive three meals and two snacks a day provided by our on-site cafeteria. The unit is staffed with a nurse and other qualified medical personnel 24 hours a day. A physician will assess your physical health and treat any associated symptoms of withdrawal from substances.

Medical Detox Goals:

  • Provide a safe, compassionate, and respectful environment
  • Monitor, decrease and stabilize withdrawal symptoms
  • Empower patients with education on substance use disorder and treatment
  • Identify and treat associated emotional, psychiatric, and behavioral conditions
  • Transition patients to the Residential Treatment Program for further care and treatment